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  • People Offering Free Money To Help Others With Contact

    If you’re thinking about contact people offering free money then it might be more difficult than you thought. There is an urban myth that says you can contact millionaires and billionaires for help and they will give you money no matter what, the reality is you need to contact the charitable foundation which is run by the rich person to stand any chance of getting financial assistance..

  • Wealthy People Giving Money Away In 2018 With Contact

    If you’re experiencing hardship then you could get online financial assistance from wealthy people who are giving away money in 2017. Rather than contacting wealthy people direct when you need cash now you should contact the charitable foundation funded by the rich millionaires and wealthy billionaires who help families and individuals in need..

  • Billionaires Who Give Money Billionaire Mailing List

    “You can contact the billionaires on our list – most of them help people in need, but usually on a personal basis. To see our list of billionaires who give money away, visit our Billionaires List, as each of the billionaires on our list, give away free money in one way or another. These are the billionaires that have money to give..

  • Email Rich People For Money 2019 Billionaire Contact List

    Email Rich People for Money 2019 Billionaire Contact List – Surprisingly, there are some rich people gladly give their money away for those in need. There are some great people who do this generous act as the way for them to help others..

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